Profitable trading with Crypto pump signals for Binance Telegram group

Crypto Pump Signals is a Telegram group that provides information about upcoming cryptocurrency pumps. A pump is a rapid and short-term increase in the price of a cryptocurrency, usually caused by the collusion of large investors in the market. These people buy large amounts of crypto in advance, then simultaneously start selling it, causing a surge in demand and, consequently, a sharp increase in price.

Using signals from Crypto Pump Signals can be useful for a trader, as he receives information about upcoming pumps in advance and can join investors who buy cryptocurrency before the pump starts. Thus, a trader can earn on an increase in the price of a cryptocurrency during a pump.

Crypto pump signals for Binance is a Telegram channel that provides free crypto pump signals. The channel has been active since 2018 and is one of the most popular and reliable sources of information about cryptocurrency pumps.

Benefits of using signals from Crypto pump signals for Binance:

  1. Free Signals: Crypto pump signals for Binance provides free signals for cryptocurrency pumps, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  2. Large selection of cryptocurrencies: The channel provides signals for pumps of cryptocurrencies of various coins, which allows traders to choose those that are most suitable for their trading strategy.
  3. Professional approach: The Crypto pump signals for Binance team consists of experienced traders who conduct thorough market analysis to identify the most promising cryptocurrencies for pumping.
  4. Available Information: The channel provides detailed trading instructions to help traders make the most of the signals and get the most benefit.
  5. 24/7 Support: The Crypto pump signals for Binance team is always ready to help their subscribers and answer any questions related to pump trading.

All in all, Crypto pump signals for Binance is a trusted source of information about cryptocurrency pumps that provides accessible and professional assistance for traders who wish to use this strategy in their trading.

The Internet makes it possible to make good money and this is no longer a fantasy, but a reality. This can be done with the help of cryptocurrency – electronic money. Their translation and creation is done cryptographically, with blockchain technology. This, in turn, is a kind of distributed ledger, which does not imply a fixed owner of the system. People who have a certain amount of cryptocurrency can, without hesitation, exchange it for rubles, dollars or euros.

What are the advantages of electronic commerce means:

  • Anonymity.
  • Fast turnover.
  • Ability to use to purchase products that have not yet left the development stage.
  • Can be expanded and monetized without limit.

Unlike cryptocurrencies: BitStamp, NEM, ShapeShift, Ethereum and Zcash – Bitcoin does not have a main shareholder and the ability to conduct its trades on the exchange. Among the main directions for the development of the coin are building a scalable network, developing a more secure protocol, attracting new investors, as well as developing applications for smartphones and tablets.

What is the essence of cryptocurrency pumping and earning on it?

Pump is a risk hedging tool on the Binance exchange. With their help, you can manage the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, taking an advantageous position, making many transactions at the same time. Trading strategies and pump signals help beginners and investors to earn. But it is important to understand how they work, as investing is a big risk. And pampers are no exception. They spend their money raising the price of coins, taking a big risk. But there is a way to minimize risks and make a profit.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most promising ways to get rich today. It is not necessary to mine bitcoins or another currency, you can purchase funds at a favorable rate for yourself. Various communities on the Internet post information for traders on when and how to purchase assets at the most advantageous rate. We will talk about the Telegram channel, which has earned popularity and trust from traders.

There are traders who do not benefit when the rate for a particular cryptocurrency rises or falls. They actively influence it and make a profit. One such method is Pump & Dump. It consists in artificially raising the price of an asset by sending numerous orders.

Pump & Dump takes place in several stages. At first, traders send a large number of orders for a particular coin or token, which is interpreted as a high value of the coin, and its price rises. In this case, a “flat” can be observed, and trading on the coin is almost or completely absent. After the coin acquires the proper value, it is bought, after which its price takes the previous values ​​(dump).
The price of a token can rise and fall quite quickly. This can happen within minutes, although this is rare. You need to buy a coin as quickly as possible.

Knowing in advance when the next pump will take place would be very beneficial for every trader. There are many resources on the Internet offering information about upcoming coin price increases, but some of them are scammers who simply take your money and offer nothing in return. Moreover, the trader selling the token has most likely already set up automatic buying and selling of coins by a certain time. A group of pump & dump traders have created free and VIP channels of Crypto Pumps Signals for Binance so that any trader can get information about a profitable investment.

The free channel, which everyone can subscribe to, publishes full reports on the profit received from using the signal from the VIP channel, along with its screenshot. The channel publishes one or two free signals per day, with which the trader can make sure that the published information is completely reliable.

Telegram channel address: “Crypto pump signals for Binance”:

Crypto pump signals for Binance Telegram group

Earnings on Crypto Pump and trading signals

Get a unique opportunity not only to get acquainted with system, but also to get valuable advice from leading traders. For this purpose, it is desirable to use software such as a trading robot or a trend analyzer. You can also use a dealing center, but there is a risk of losing your money. But Pump signals are great helpers for trading. They are considered the best among other similar types of accounts.

By subscribing to the Pump Signals for Binance Telegram channel, you expand your circle of traders, get analytical and useful information, and attract investors to your business and investment portfolio. In addition, you participate in a continuous 24-hour stream of signals to help you trade.

The portal has a large number of services and additional features for professional traders. Among them, one can note a currency exchanger that allows you to buy virtual currency for bitcoins. In this case, it is necessary to replenish the account only from one payment system. WebMoney, bank cards, and other electronic services can act as it.

After conducting a series of studies and tests, team determined that the maximum profit on cryptocurrency trading can be obtained if you organize and successfully implement Pumps. Detailed information about the upcoming coin is posted in the VIP community. A membership fee must be paid in advance. Anyone can join the community, become part of a team or an independent expert, strengthen their skills and expand their areas of activity.

We use several cryptocurrency exchange platforms to provide insider information. One of them is Binance. Cryptocurrency exchange is carried out according to a secure protocol using bank keys and cryptographic algorithms, as well as iphash caching algorithms and an improved smart container. In this way, Pump ensures that customer information does not fall into the hands of fraudsters, and collective responsibility is guaranteed.

To get a decent income on the Binance exchange, you need to understand the technical points. First, you need to learn about upcoming signals. Even experienced players find it difficult to raise a profit of 30%, despite the fact that they “Go from below”. The organizers of the exchange buy lots in advance and prepare for the PUMP event. Trading begins, both traders and Bots participate in it. With a quick reaction, it is possible to purchase coins 20% cheaper. Experienced users purchase coins based on top indicators and momentum. Rarely, on the second wave, you can increase profits compared to the first minute of trading.

Free Pump Signals for Binance in Telegram group

By subscribing to Telegram channel “Crypto pump signals for Binance”, you will be able to receive reports on current events several times a day.

  • They are published exclusively on the spent “coin”. The proof of the accuracy of the signals are the events of the VIP channel for subscribers.
  • The publication takes place in advance, before the price increase of the token.
  • Information is updated every 24 hours at 12.00, taking into account the GMT +1 time zone.
  • The report can be transcribed to double-check the accuracy of the data.
  • The service is available for every user. Click on the pound “#” in front of the token name and go to Pump.
  • The channel user is sent a screenshot of the exact signals used by the VIPs.
  • The range of targets from 1 to 5 will allow beginners to independently fix profits and trade.

Track the value of digital coins yourself. Be in small pluses on pullbacks. Additional information will help minimize losses and risks. For this purpose, the telegram channel “Signals for Binance” was developed. The Binance exchange is consistently profitable. Therefore, it would be wise to approach the matter according to a proven scheme.
VIP community and the benefits of joining it. The Telegram VIP channel “Signals for Binance” is designed for real cryptocurrency trading, specifically for people who want to be profitable. Practical account tools are several times higher than analogues. By revealing the values ​​of future profits, we give everyone the opportunity to fix earnings. VIP users have more options than free channel members. VIP traders have 65% return on investment in one digital coin on a regular basis.

A specially designed Telegram VIP community will give you the opportunity to receive 15 or more free Pumps per day. Be informed by signals to buy coins before their price rises. Analyze reports based on previous signals. Having a subscription in the premium community, you will increase your profits by several times and learn the principles of cryptocurrency trading.
Advantages of VIP traders:

  • The user will be notified 15 times a day about the upcoming Pump.
  • Information about the coins participating in the signals.
  • Cryptocurrency published in the VIP community is collected in a short time (within a day).
  • Sales recommendations.
  • A range of favorable prices for buying coins (5 targets).

A member of the VIP channel fully justifies the targets and the time spent. His profit on Pumps signals ranges from 10 to 95%.

How to buy a VIP subscription to Pump Signals Telegram group

Before you purchase a VIP subscription, check out what its benefits are. The organizers of the channel are planning:

  • Lifetime subscription. Access to the VIP channel will always be, regardless of the bitcoin rate.
  • As an add-on, 2 VIP channels are available, using the Cornix bot and manual trading.
  • Access to the publication of BTC and USDT signals.
  • Members of the VIP community receive a response from support specialists 24/7 as soon as possible.
  • It will be possible to study the black list of scammers who sell false information about pumps and coins.
  • The number of new signals and upcoming pumps will reach 10-15, and sometimes 25, which will allow you to earn several hundred percent per day.
  • Reward – 10% by participating in the affiliate program.

How to buy a VIP subscription to Pump Signals Telegram group

How to use Crypto Pump trading signals

📚Instructions – How to use trading signals: screenshot of an example of signal🔔 and report with proof can be found at this links:




1. #POLY/BTC (Binance) – This means that the information specified in the signal is intended for trading this coin paired with BTC. (The name of the coin is indicated after the # sign);

2. (Binance) – The name of the exchange where the specified coin will be pumped. For convenience, we have placed a link here to go to the specified trading pair. When you click on the word “Binance”, you can go directly to the exchange page where the coin specified in the signal is traded.

3. Buy zone: 1096-1125 – The price range in which it is recommended to buy the coin indicated in the signal in order to get a guaranteed profit when the first target is reached during the pump. The reports on the achievement of each of the pump targets are based on the values indicated in this price range.

The price of a coin on the exchange is presented in full format (there are all zeros before and after the “,” sign) and at the time of the publication of the signal, the buy zone should be understood as follows:

“Buy zone: 0,00001096-0,00001125”

👌For the convenience of reading and understanding the signals, as well as for summing up the calculations of the value of the coin, we do not publish extra zeros. 🖥Automated trading bots such as Cornix read signals in the format we publish absolutely correctly.

4. Targets from 1 to 5: 1077-1156-1244-1391. Here are 5 pump targets, upon reaching which you need to sell coins at the price specified in the signal. It is necessary to take into account the fact that after reaching each of the targets of the pump, in 80% of cases a “Dump” occurs. Therefore, after buying the coin specified in the signal, it is recommended to place sell orders in advance. For lovers of quick profits, this is the value specified in 🎯Target number 1. For holders, all other targets.

5. GMT +1 – time zone, in accordance with which the signal was published. The word “GMT +1” contains a link to the site 🌐

👆You can click on this link and go to the site to find out the exact ⏱time in your 🌐country and understand the when the signal was published📌

👍This will help you 🧮convert your current time⏱ with the signal publication time (according to the GMT +1 time zone) in order to compare the data published in the signal with Binance📊

📌It can also come in handy for checking the accuracy of the signal and the correct understanding of the reports published in Telegram channel.

6. 👉 Follow Signal 👈 – This button is for using the Cornix trading bot.

👑VIP subscribers also receive notifications about each ✅achieved pump target🎯, indicating the period during which each target was achieved. This notice also indicates the percentage of profit when the specified pump target is achieved.

💡For example, for the signal specified in this instruction, the report in the VIP channel looks like this 👇

🔗Link-reply to the message with signal that was published in advance in VIP channel and the report of Cornix trading bot:
#POLY/BTC Take-Profit target 3 ✅
Profit: 18.09% 📈
Period: 43 Minutes ⏰

📖Explanations for this report here:👇

#POLY/BTC Take-Profit target 3 ✅. This is a report on the achievement of the target (in this example, this is target №3).

Profit: 18.09%. Profit obtained as a result of achieving the specified target, in percentage.

Period. Time from the moment the signal was published in the VIP channel until the target №3 was achieved.

Note! In the account feed, information about possible manipulations with the coin is distributed in advance. It is possible to conduct technical analysis and graphical changes in sales and purchases.

You can track upcoming Pump signals yourself. In this case, the risks of losing money during coin trading are high. You will not be able to place multiple bets or participate in profit increases. A complete lack of trading will result in a “Flat” (there is no clear definition of trading and the price moves on its own). Insider information increases the possibility of earning on signals.

🌐Receive notifications in your native language in Telegram crypto group. To do this, subscribe to bot @cryptotranslate_bot then click “Start” and choose your language from the list. The bot will provide a invitation link to the crypto channel.

A lot of useful information about how this cryptocurrency project works can be found by watching a video clip on the YouTube channel.

Please read the detailed article on how to earn cryptocurrency using trading signals and read the reviews of successful traders using secret information from the “Crypto pump signals for Binance” community.

Telegram channel address: “Crypto pump signals for Binance”:

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